What Is a Weighted GPA? 🧐 🧐

"What Is a Weighted GPA?" 🧐 🧐

“What Is a Weighted GPA?” 🧐 🧐
A weighted GPA is a GPA that takes the difficult of your classes into account along with your grades. On a typical unweighted scale (which is solely based on grades and not on the difficulty of your classes), GPAs are recorded as numbers ranging from 0 to 4.0. This scale is why the ideal of the perfect 4.0 GPA exists.

If your school uses weighted GPAs, however, the scale goes up higher. Typically a weighted GPA scale ranges from 0 to 5.0. This is to accommodate grades in AP or Honors courses, where an A on the weighted scale translates to a 5.0 based on the difficulty of the class. Low-level classes maintain the typical unweighted scale, where an A translates into a 4.0. Many schools also offer mid-level classes between Honors and low-level classes where an A translates into a 4.5.

This means that someone who takes more difficult courses throughout high school will end up with a higher weighted GPA than someone who takes less difficult courses even if their actual grades are identical.

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