Tip 28 Be Familiar With Informational Graphics

Tip 28 Be Familiar With Informational Graphics

There are very few hard skills that will be valuable on every section of the SAT. This isn’t surprising since each section is designed to assess your skills in a particular subject area. For example, the Writing and Language test places a heavy emphasis on grammar; the Reading test assesses your ability to comprehend what you’ve read; and the Math test measures your number sense and computational thinking.

But there is one common feature across all of these sections, and that is the inclusion of informational graphics. Both sections of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test will include informational graphics, as do both portions of the Math Test. These types of graphics include tables, charts, maps, figures, and graphs in almost every format including line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, and more. To ensure that you don’t unnecessarily miss the questions referring to these, familiarize yourself with them ahead of time.

You can study them in context by paying close attention to them when they appear in your regular schoolwork. You can also seek them out in textbooks, magazines, and newspapers simply by flipping through the pages until you come across them. When you do find one, pay close attention to its title, labels, and any other descriptions. Look at how the axes or variables are labeled. Identify what the graphic shows and how it contributes to the text. If you don’t understand any part of it, ask a friend or teacher to help you interpret it.

The SAT is an important test when it comes to college admissions, but it doesn’t have to be unfamiliar. There are plenty of ways to prepare for it ahead of time, both by studying its content and preparing for its format. Test-taking strategies are a key component for students hoping to perform well on the exam.

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