Tip 27 Use the Two-Passes Strategy

Tip 27 Use the Two-Passes Strategy

This is a time management strategy that will work on any section of the required SAT. Applying it ensures you have the time to answer the questions on the test that are easiest for you. If you run out of time before finishing every question, your score will suffer less because you’ve already answered the questions you were most likely to get right.

To implement the two-passes strategy, simply go through the entire section of the test, completing all the questions with answers that are easily apparent, and making a quick best guess on questions that seem like they will require more time and thought on your part. As you do this, be very careful to mark each of the “guesses” clearly on the answer sheet and in the test booklet. Filling in your best guess means that even if you run out of time before being able to review it, at least you’ve filled in an answer and have a chance of getting it right. Remember, there is no scoring penalty for wrong guesses, so you should never leave a question blank.

Once you have gone through every question, return to the ones you marked as guesses, and give each a little more thought. If the answer still doesn’t seem apparent, try to move on to another question that might be easier for you. You can even use this strategy in combination with the game plan for achieving your target score, by skipping only the number of questions that you can afford to get wrong on your first pass in order to achieve your target score. You can learn more about the Two-Passes Strategy on the Khan Academy website.

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