Tip 26 Check Your Pace

Tip 26 Check Your Pace

The SAT is a quick-paced exam. There is not a single section of the test that allows for more than 90 seconds per question, and much of the test requires you to move at a pace closer to 60 seconds per question. In addition, there are lengthy passages to read, graphics to interpret, and formulas to determine. Simply put, you will need to stay on top of your pace if you’re going to finish everything with time to check your work.

To accomplish this, first make sure that you have a watch. Although most testing sites will have a clock in the room, it’s not a guarantee, and you can’t be certain that you’ll be seated in a place where you can see it. Do yourself a favor and bring a watch to the exam so that you’ll know how much time is remaining at any given moment. Keep in mind, though, that a watch that makes any noise or serves any purpose other than keeping time is strictly prohibited, and using one could result in your test being confiscated and your scores being canceled.

In addition to having a watch, you should also have an idea of the pacing you need to keep for each section based on your performance on practice tests. If you know that you need six minutes at the end of the Reading section to review your answers, you will need to make sure that you are done with the third reading passage and its associated questions with 30 minutes remaining. Keep careful track of time during your practice tests to help determine the pace you’ll need to keep on each section.

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