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Strategy 6: What is synthesis?

Strategy 6: What is synthesis?

One of the question types you’ll see on the SAT Reading Test is called synthesis: these questions ask you to draw conclusions and make connections between 2 related passages or between passages and informational graphics.

A note on the images in this article: all Reading Test items will be associated with a passage, but the passages are not included here. Each question pictured is just one example of how items in that category can look.

Sub-topics within synthesis:
Analyzing multiple texts.
Questions will ask you to synthesize information from paired texts.

Analyzing quantitative information.
Questions will ask you to analyze information from graphs, charts, tables, and other graphics in relation to the text.

You will not need to know the names of these question types for the test, but this list gives you an idea of some of the types of items you will encounter.

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