How to Get a Perfect Score on the #PSAT ? 🤔 🤔 🤔

How to Get a Perfect Score on the #PSAT ? 🤔 🤔 🤔
Achieving a perfect score on the PSAT is a rare accomplishment. You have to really want it. Whatever your reasons are, you need passion and motivation to fuel your studying. Even when you’d rather be watching TV or playing video games, you can keep your eye on the 1520 prize and connect your daily actions with your future goal.
Before diving into your study plan, I recommend defining your reasons for wanting to achieve a perfect score. What’s going to keep you studying with all the other work you have to do? What will pick you up when you’re feeling discouraged? A large part of this is believing that you can do it, even if you’re not achieving perfect scores yet on your practice tests.
Students taking the PSAT this year have an extra challenge. They’re taking the redesigned PSAT, which has a different format, structure, and scoring system than PSATs in previous years. Because it’s a new test, there aren’t a ton of official practice tests to study. College Board has released one, along with some sample questions.
To master the PSAT, you must to focus not only on mastering content skills, like algebra and rules of grammar, but also on understanding the format, like timing constraints and common “distractor” answer choices. Because it’s a standardized test administered on the national level, the PSAT repeats certain question types over and over. The more practice you have, the faster you’ll be able to recognize a question and what it’s asking you to do. Then you can apply the same tried and true steps you used on practice problems to get to the correct answer quickly and efficiently.
If you’re consistently acing algebra problems, then there’s no point spending a lot of time on algebra review. You should allocate your prep time where it will have the biggest payoff. If you’re struggling to answer reading questions in time, then focus on reading comprehension review and strategies. If you’re relying on “what sounds right” to answer grammar questions, then take the time to learn specific grammar rules.
Before you can design your study plan, you need to get a specific sense of what your strengths and weaknesses are. One way to do this is to take a practice test and to be thorough in scoring it and finding your mistakes. Analyze your results and take the time to figure out why you got a question wrong. Was it confusion over the material? A timing issue? A careless mistake?
Write down your mistakes and the reasons for them, and then drill those areas to get them right the next time. The key factor here is not just spending time to study your results, but also to analyze why you missed a question and then take steps to solve that problem. If you can root out the reason behind a mistake, then you can stop it from becoming a pattern. You can address the skills you need to answer the same question type correctly the next time.

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