How Should You Study for the SAT? #FOUR_Methods 🤔 🤔 🤔 😀

How Should You Study for the SAT? #FOUR_Methods 🤔 🤔 🤔 😀

How Should You Study for the SAT? #FOUR_Methods 🤔 🤔 🤔 😀
Now that you know the strategies you must employ to study for the SAT, I’ll go through the various options for SAT studying to help you determine the best method for you.

#Method_1: Self-Study
It’s possible to reach your target score by studying entirely on your own. Whether you’ve chosen to study independently or simply don’t have the resources to pursue other options, effective self-studying will require you to be extremely disciplined, organized, and motivated.
You should set a definitive study plan and stick to it as closely as possible. Other than real practice tests and SAT prep books.
A major drawback of just relying on real practice questions or Khan Academy to study is that you won’t learn test strategies. These strategies, which are explained in our articles, will simplify the test and can help you improve your score.

#Method_2: Private Tutor
A private tutor might be a good option for you if you’re looking for customized instruction or need more help learning the material that’s tested on the SAT.
Also, meeting with a tutor can help you stay on track if you need a little push. Keep in mind that tutors can be expensive and often vary greatly in terms of their knowledge and effectiveness.
Before hiring a tutor, learn what SAT tutors do and how much they cost. Equip yourself with the knowledge to decide whether you should work with a tutor or on your own.

#Method_3: In-Person SAT Prep Class
In-person prep classes have a set curriculum, and, like tutoring, they’re a good option if you need help sticking to a study plan. A prep class can be a good fit for you if you want to learn test strategies and increase your familiarity with the SAT.

The best SAT classes will give you a solid foundation in SAT material and help you study more effectively on your own. Additionally, if you feel that you learn better in a traditional classroom setting, you might enjoy being able to socially interact with your peers.

Prep classes do have some significant drawbacks, though. In my opinion, the biggest drawback of a class is that it’s not customized to your individual needs. Classes often have students of varying skill levels, and much of its content might feel like review or, on the contrary, might be too challenging if you’ve never been exposed to the material before.

I’ve taught a number of SAT prep classes, and, as a teacher, my biggest challenge was always trying to make my classes helpful for each student. In the same class, I had students who had just learned English and students who were excelling in their AP English classes. While students at every level did see improvement in their SAT scores after taking my class, admittedly it was impossible for me to perfectly address the needs of every student.
Depending on the length of the course, you might not have enough time to thoroughly cover all of the material on the SAT.

Furthermore, SAT classes can get expensive, with many costing more than $1,000.
#Method_4: Online SAT Prep Course
Online prep courses can be a great option for students who want some structure but also the freedom to work independently. The biggest advantages of a good online prep course are that you’ll get an effective study plan and thorough content instruction. What’s more, the course will be customized to your particular skill level.

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