FAQ#53 About American SAT & ACT

Q: How much of an SAT score gain can be expected?

Q: How much of an SAT score gain can be expected?

A: Most students take their first SAT as second-semester juniors. On average, for the SAT administered before March 2015, these students scored a total of 40-50 points higher on the combined reading and math sections of this SAT than on the corresponding sections of their junior PSAT; they tended to gain a total of 30 points on these sections of their senior SAT. However, some students got lower scores; in fact, 1% of test-takers dropped by 100 points or more in reading and math combined!

Most students who seriously prepared for the pre-March 2015 SAT with Score At The Top had significant score gains of 150+ points combined in reading, math, and writing – at least three times the national average score gain. And some of our motivated students enjoyed gains of well over 300 points! Here’s the “double-edged sword”: some of our students achieved such impressive score gains that they were challenged by the College Board and had to re-take the test to prove the legitimacy of their higher scores! While the results above reflect score gains we have observed, we do not guarantee score gains.

The SAT introduced in March 2015 is still too new to provide meaningful score-gain data for students who have taken the redesigned SAT.

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