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FAQ#40 About American SAT & ACT

Q: What will be easier: the New SAT or the ACT?

Q: What will be easier: the New SAT or the ACT?

A: Though the tests are becoming more aligned in format and content, some students may find that they perform better on one test versus the other, but neither test is necessarily easier than the other. However, given the unknowns surrounding the New SAT, during this transition period we recommend that students consider preparing for and taking the ACT.

The ACT is a known test on which your child will know exactly what to expect, but there are some key differences between the two tests that one should also consider. For example, math will make up 50% of your child’s New SAT score, while math is only 25% of your child’s ACT score. Thus, students who are particularly strong in math may want to consider preparing for and taking the New SAT. Another difference between the two tests is that the ACT contains a science reasoning section. 

This section is not a test of one’s knowledge of scientific facts; instead, students must interpret and evaluate research summaries and data. You can read more about the differences between the ACT and New SAT here, and our Enrollment Team is available to discuss which test may be the best fit based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

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